Balcony as a cat playground: How to build an adventure land

With some changes, your balcony can be converted into an excellent cat playground. However, safety should be a top priority, then nothing stands in the way of adventure for your velvet paw. A nice place for cats: the balcony - Shutterstock / Ed-Ni-Photo

Cats love romping around on the balcony. There you get fresh air, additional exercise and a change from the usual rooms. So that nothing can happen to your room tiger even at lofty heights, you should first secure your balcony with a cat net before you expand it into a playground. Once everything is secured, the balcony can be easily converted into an oasis of wellbeing for the cat.

Scratching Post & Co .: Provide viewing platforms for the cat

Experience has shown that cats particularly like to take a stand on viewing platforms. Scratching posts or other seats in an elevated position are also suitable for this on the balcony - for example, additional spaces on the house wall. You should provide the seats with warm underlays such as blankets or pillows. Then the four-legged friend has no inhibitions on the balcony, even on colder days.

You can create additional attractions in the outdoor home with a mini tipi or a rustling tunnel, for example. The fur noses can hide in them, protect them from the sun or just stroll.

Balcony plants that cats can smell well

Another very simple means of upgrading the balcony as a cat playground are plants - which also benefits the sense of smell of mistresses or masters. It is well known that cats love mint, valerian or thyme. These herbs can be planted in common balcony boxes and are non-toxic to cats.

We have summarized in the entry "List of plants poisonous for cats" which plants you should better do without for your fur nose.

Nice and funny cat toy for balcony and garden

Paddling pool promotes fishing drive

If the balcony offers enough space, it is advisable to set up a small paddling pool. Aquatic plants and toys can find a place there. In this way you can additionally promote the play and fishing drive of the velvet paws.

Last but not least, it is worth considering installing a special flap in the balcony door so that the cat can use the balcony as a playground as they please - even when you are not at home. It is best to ask the landlord if this is possible.

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