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Fluffy dog rescue hartland hollyhocks and lilies


Paws-itive Blog Hop!

We are so excited to be participating in this blog hop for the first time! We’re sharing our dogs’ and cats’ photos with you – we love to see what they’re up to! And since we are so far away from you, I thought we would be sharing some of our hollyhocks and lilies! This week’s photos are of a sweet little puppy and his adorable mommy!

A few things about our hollyhocks and lilies:

All of our plants are organically-grown.

We do not use pesticides or herbicides (we do not want to poison our plants!)

All of our plants are in pots, and we prefer plants that are kept in their pots, since they do not take up a lot of space on the ground.

We keep a constant eye on our hollyhocks and lilies. After we set them out to enjoy the fresh r and sunshine, we make sure to check in every few days to ensure they’re getting plenty of water and sun and have not been eaten by rodents. We’ll check them in 3 weeks, then agn after 9-12 weeks, then when they are growing well agn (i.e. they’re not wilting or being attacked by bugs). They are then set out for another 12 weeks to grow fully.

We are always so excited to show you our hollyhocks and lilies when they’ve grown. You can watch as they take on gorgeous hues and colors of yellow, pink, red, purple and orange. Our plants even give off an amazing scent.

Our hollyhocks and lilies will bloom every year from spring through early fall. They will stay in bloom for several weeks. We don’t know how long they will bloom, but they do bloom until the first frost. (So, if you’re in the neighborhood, just drop by to see if the garden is still in bloom!)

You can grow your own beautiful, fragrant and beautiful hollyhocks and lilies. They are an absolute joy to look at and to add a floral scent to the early spring r. We’d love for you to have a go at it.

All you’ll need is to find some great plants from a local garden store. We recommend starting with a 5 to 8-week-old plant. If your first attempt isn’t successful, try agn. They can grow anywhere. You just need a sunny spot with the ability to get a lot of water.

We keep them watered dly in spring and summer. In the fall, we water dly in the early morning (or midday, if the dew hasn’t dried off). They also do well in a little bit of cold weather.

We like to make sure we water their roots once a week. There’s not much else you’ll need to do to help them get the best start in the garden. If you have a lot of wind, they will also do well in a wind block. If you live in a windy area, don’t let the wind dry them out, or you could lose your beautiful spring blooms.

Pruning is another easy and important part of mntning a flowering garden. It keeps plants in shape and also stops them from getting leggy. If you have a single flowering plant that is leggy, trim it back to the roots.

When your flower beds start to get overgrown, you can use some fertilizer to help keep your blooms coming. We don’t recommend using fertilizer for flowers you’ll be eating, like lettuce and spinach, but we know it will help you to keep your flowers blooming longer and look nicer. (Just make sure you wash all the fertilizer off of your flowers with soap and water before you eat them!)

We hope you have a lot of joy and happiness growing your own vegetables and flowers in your garden! Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you plant!

Gardening Resources

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With all the talk about how we need to save the Earth, the beauty and magic of fresh flowers never gets old. At Flower Power we’re also passionate about helping others understand and get involved with sustnability. If you’d like to learn more about growing your own food, reducing waste, and living more beautifully, you’ll love these helpful guides!

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