For good sleep: 5 tips on how the dog sleeps better

"Let him play and romp, then he will be tired in the evening" - a typical phrase when it comes to promoting a dog's sleep. And indeed - physical exercise contributes to a restful dog sleep; but this is not always enough for the four-legged friend to come to rest at night. These 5 tips will help your dog sleep better. Sleep is vital for all living things and should therefore be relaxing - Shutterstock / ARENA Creative

Utilization is indeed an important factor when it comes to helping a fur nose sleep. Those who run and play a lot during the day are exhausted in the evening and look forward to a well-deserved sleep. But mental utilization is also important.

1. Physical and mental workload

In addition to the aforementioned physical exercise through sufficient exercise and activity, mental exercise also plays a role in good dog sleep. So you can try with your dog, for example, nose work, mantrailing, clicker training, tracking, or dog sport like dog dancing - not only muscles, but also the head are challenged.

2. The ideal place to sleep

Like humans, dogs need a good place to sleep in order to snore comfortably and restfully. The place to dream, whether dog basket or dog bed, should always be comfortably and slightly raised, protected from drafts and cold floors and ideally also with backing. You can find more on the topic in the guide "Sleeping place: How your dog will find a peaceful sleep"

3. Create a good sleeping environment

Not only the dog basket, but also the room or the environment affect sleep. The room should be dark in the evening or at night. In order for your dog to sleep well and get tired, it is also important that it is not too loud and that it is prevented from falling asleep or woken up by any noise - such as loud traffic noise. Stress also has a negative effect on the sleep of dogs. Arguing or visiting the house may prevent him from getting tired.

How much sleep does a dog need?

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4. Set up an evening routine

So that your four-legged friend does not wake up at night because he has to lift his paw, you should go out with him every evening before bedtime. So that he can relieve himself again before bedtime, it makes sense if you give him his evening meal a few hours beforehand and he can still digest in peace.

5. Exclude health problems

Sleep problems can also be related to health problems. If your dog suddenly stops sleeping properly, talk to your vet about other possible symptoms such as loss of appetite or pain.

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