If the dog is deaf: How to help him

A dog that is deaf can still live a full and beautiful life. He just needs a little help from his favorite person. With the following tips you can help your deaf four-legged friend and make his everyday life easier. A dog that is deaf needs support in everyday life - Shutterstock / Michael Pettigrew

If your dog is deaf, he may not hear you, but he can see, smell, and feel you. To help him, you can primarily use his sense of sight. You have to teach him basic commands, for example, using visual signals and body language.

Dog is deaf: how much is it restricted?

Dogs that are not deaf also orient themselves above all through their sense of smell and have a fine sense of touch. If your dog is deaf, he can still find his way around easily. A four-legged friend, who cannot hear anything, increasingly relies on his other senses and, for example, pays closer attention to visual stimuli in his environment. Although he is limited by deafness, he can usually compensate for this well, so that he does not suffer from his handicap.

With all your senses: This is how the dog's hearing works

It is often said that dogs hear better than people. The hearing of dogs sometimes works differently ...

Help a deaf dog with visual signs

For you as the owner, it can be a big change when you first bring a deaf dog to your home or your four-legged friend becomes deaf in old age, for example. You can no longer communicate with your darling about calls, whistles or other noises, but have to translate all commands and stimuli into visual signs. You are faced with new challenges in everyday life, as your deaf four-legged friend can no longer perceive road traffic and other noises.

At the roadside, it is therefore advisable to leave the dog on a leash and pay special attention to it so that you can quickly give it a visual signal if necessary. Nevertheless, a dog that is deaf does not want to do without free-running and encountering other animals. There are free but fenced areas and meadows where you and your animal friend can always keep an eye on each other. When you meet other animal friends and dog owners, it is best to inform them about your dog's deafness. Otherwise there may be nasty surprises if someone arrives outside your four-legged friend's field of vision to stroke them. The dog could be frightened and defend itself against the supposed danger.

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