Mastino Napoletano: educational tips

The education of the Mastino Napoletano should above all be started thoroughly and with a lot of specialist knowledge. It brings a lot of responsibility and should best be done in cooperation with a dog trainer. There are several reasons for this. Mastino Napoletano: The good upbringing starts in the nursery - Image: Shutterstock / melis1

In principle, it is not difficult to raise this dog if you know what you are doing. He is smart and docile and quickly realizes what someone wants from him. The difficulty lies rather in not allowing yourself to make mistakes, because they can be devastating with such a large, strong dog, whose behavior is characterized by a strong guard and protection instinct.

Socialization and basic commands

Everything starts with the Mastino Napoletano with an impeccable socialization that started early. He needs to know as much as possible of what he later encounters in everyday life and should neither fear it nor face him with dominance behavior. It should be made clear to him that friendly, normal behavior towards humans and animals is desired in every situation.

When learning the basic commands, you should proceed gently, patiently and consistently and work particularly hard to ensure that your dog listens to you reliably and without delay. The great Italian four-legged friend should get to know things where his strength, even unintentionally, could be dangerous (e.g. when jumping on or pulling on a leash) as a taboo from the start.

Mastino Napoletano: A big, strong dog

Important point: the ranking

The fact that the Mastino Napoletano is not a beginner dog also has to do with the very important clarification of the ranking. If there are misunderstandings here, the animal can become dangerous, especially if its protective instinct leads it to act independently instead of listening to its owner. It should be absolutely clear from the start that the owner is a reliable boss for the dog.

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