Turkish company promotes action that unites recycling and dog care

A Turkish recycling company, called Pugedon Smart Recycling, has just started a special action that unites environmental awareness with animal care - highlighting, in the middle of Istanbul, a machine that, when receiving plastic bottles for recycling, it provides water and feed for the city's abandoned dogs.

Even needing to count on the help of the population to succeed and having the awareness for the attention to animals and the preservation of nature as main objectives, the action is controversial in Turkey - since a portion of the people in the region do not agree with the project.

With more than 150,000 abandoned animals (including dogs and cats) in Istanbul alone, Turkey is a country where many still believe that abandoned pets represent a major source of disease and problems; and the death of these animals due to poisoning caused is not uncommon - and the government even proposed that these animals be transported to an environmental reserve close to the city, in an attempt to end this type of atrocity.

Regardless, the action already attracts many fans, impressed by the originality and the proposed change it brings - since Pugedon Smart Recycling operates free of charge in the region, and uses the value of plastic bottles collected in the machine to cover expenses with the feed and water provided in return; doing good for abandoned animals in the region and to nature at the same time without having to disburse the amounts that are usually required for any such action.

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