Tesco Offers Groceries and Dog Grooming with New In-Store "Pet Den" Salon

January 6, 2016 Photos by: Mat Hayward/iStockphoto.com

Now that’s what we call a one-stop shop for pet parents! Tesco, one of Britain’s largest grocery chains, is set to trial pet grooming services while customers shop.

If you’ve ever taken your dog shopping, you understand how difficult it is to bag some fruit or take a product from a shelf when they’re constantly pulling and tugging at the leash tied around your wrist.

While North American shoppers may have to wait a little while longer to have some relief, Tesco customers in the U.K. may have a solution to your problem: The British grocery store will be conducting a one month trial with Pet Den, a place where customers can drop off their cats and dogs to be groomed and preened while they shop.

Since British bet owners are spending more on their furry friends, especially when it comes to care, Tesco aims to fill that need by offering grooming services. Pet Den would also use up some of Tesco Extra’s vast floor space.

Tesco is the U.K.’s largest grocery chain with about 6,800 stores and, like most supermarkets, it has fierce price competition with other stores. Pet Den is yet another way to encourage customers to come into the store since many have made the switch to buying necessities online or at the closest convenience store.

The project hits home for Tesco’s new U.K. chief executive Matt Davies, who led Pets at Home for eight years. During that time, Davies (who has a black Labrador named Archie) encouraged employees to bring their pets into the office. Hmmm, we wonder if this bring-your-dog-to-work policy will spill over into his new company.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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