The Importance of the Dog Nameplate

When we observe a dog with a collar on the street, the first thought we have is: “it has an owner!”. Now, what's the use of a collar if it doesn't bring any important information about your pet? An identification plate for dogs is essential for all pets and it is very advisable to constantly use the accessory every day, as there is no scheduled time to escape.

The identification collar only needs to have a name and a phone to fulfill its main role: taking your dog back to you! It is also very important that the sign has the information very legible, with updated phones and securely attached to the dog's collar. You may not believe it, but it's thanks to dog nameplate that many animals return safely to their homes!

What are the precautions with the identification plate?

And after your pet is already equipped, be sure to check the conservation status of the pet. identification collar of your little friend. Notice if the plate is still legible, if there is no danger of breaking and, also, if the ring or fastener of the plate is still very firm so that it does not fall off the collar.

Another important tip is to assess whether you usually travel and your cell phone is usually in a place where the telephone signal does not work. If this is the case, then you may need to consider the phone number of a relative or friend who can act quickly if no one can speak to you. For efficient contact, don't forget to keep your phones up to date!

It's not all dog nameplate which brings complete information, so if your pet has any health condition that requires attention you can put this data on the board as well. If this is your situation, try to record information such as the name of the animal, the health problem it has and the contact numbers you want to make available to anyone who finds your pet around.

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