These kittens agree: hamster balls are great!

Is it clear to the cute kittens in these videos that hamster balls are actually intended for much smaller animals than they are? If so, they don't seem to find it bad and play in it like the world champions.

Kitten number 1: "Warning, now I'm coming!"

"Why? Fits perfectly!" The red kitten in the first video seems to be thinking when it gets a somewhat strange look from its brother, which it almost rolls over the pile. Cheerfully, Tom continues to ball in his freshly conquered hamster ball and, when he briefly gets out at the end of the film, seems to have only one mission: to quickly get back into the funny pink ball!

Kitten number 2: hamster ball fun for everyone!

The fluffy Persian kittens in the second video also clearly find that hamster balls are something for cats! Fortunately, the tiny little velvet paws still have a lot of space in them, roll around each other and even take their toys with them into the transparent balls: If it is up to them, they will probably not give the borrowed toy back to the hamsters in the near future.

Kittens on the ball: cute little sports cannons

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