How to know if your dog is pregnant (pregnant)

Although much care can be taken to keep a fertile female dog away from a male dog, the extra attention of pet owners is not always enough to prevent this approach; making whoever is a guardian of a dog ask, with some frequency, how to know if your dog is pregnant (pregnant).

Taking into account the fact that pseudocyesis (psychological gestation in female dogs) is a relatively common problem in the canine world, the desire of a pet owner to discover how to know if your dog is pregnant (pregnant) - since, although there are some very characteristic signs of this picture, there are also cases in which a series of mistakes can occur; causing a frame of psychological problem to be ignored for a certain time by the tutors of the pet due to an unreasonable belief (as it happens in the case of pseudocyesis).

If the dog has already been neutered and shows signs of pregnancy, it is easier to know that pseudocyesis must be occurring - since the process of castration ends all chances that the pet will be pregnant (even if, by chance, crossed with any dog).

In these cases, however, it is important to do an ultrasound, because the dog is likely to have some ovarian traces (a condition that occurs when, at the time of castration, the surgeon leaves a piece of the ovary in the puppy). It is also important to remember that if the dog is castrated in heat (or in a period very close to it), pseudocyesis can happen even if there are no remnants of ovaries.

However, as psychological pregnancy is not an exclusive problem for bitches castrated with ovarian remnants, it is worth keeping an eye on the main and most evident signs of canine pregnancy; being able to refer the animal to a veterinary professional to monitor its pregnancy in cases of suspicion and to guarantee the puppy's health whatever the real situation.

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That said, check out, in this article, what are the signs of a pregnant puppy and how you can 'investigate' the real possibilities of this picture; paying attention to the signs it presents to to know if your dog is pregnant.

Symptoms and signs of canine pregnancy

Bearing in mind that the gestation of a female dog usually lasts between 58 and 68 days - it is easy to see that the signs of pregnancy start to manifest very quickly in the animal's body, allowing the most attentive owners to realize that something different may be happening from the 20th or 30th day of the animal's gestation and, therefore, remembering when the last estrus was essential for the beginning of the investigation without exams.

If the fact that the dog has crossed is known to the tutor, it is simpler to imagine that a pregnancy may be manifesting when she perceives a change in the animal's behavior and body - but this is not always possible (considering that cases, a small distraction on the part of tutors may already be the perfect opportunity for a male approach the puppy in heat).

Regardless of knowing the crossing or not, it is worth remembering that when you notice strange and atypical signs in your pet puppy, it is essential to make an appointment for a professional to evaluate it - since, whether it is a pregnancy or not, it is I always need to investigate what causes changes in animals; being able to identify problems early and even start an immediate treatment to avoid major disorders in the future.

That said, check out what are some of the main signs that may point to a pregnant dog:

  • Changing eating habits

    Most pregnant puppies lose their appetite during pregnancy, leaving all interest in food aside during the first month they are pregnant. It is important to insist that the dog feed during this phase, and offering high quality rations can also help to make her pregnancy as smooth as possible.

  • Change in the characteristics of the dog's nipples

    Even at the beginning of pregnancy, it is already possible to notice some significant changes in the shape and appearance of the puppy's nipples, which become larger (due to milk production), darker in pink tone and highlight thinner and more sensitive skin throughout around you - an alteration that can also be noticed in the pet's abdomen region.

  • Appearance of vaginal discharge

    The change in vaginal discharge is another very classic sign of pregnancy in bitches, and it is essential to take the animal to a veterinarian in cases where this occurs - since, even if it does not mean a pregnancy, it can point to different problems and complications. I can affect the animal's health.

  • Alteration in the abdominal volume of the pet

    The growth of the dog's belly, although it takes a while to show, is another very evident sign that a female may be pregnant.

  • Behavior changes

    Constant malaise, frequent tiredness and the change from an active dog to one that spends most of the time resting can also be seen as strong evidence that a dog is pregnant and; while these symptoms usually manifest themselves early in the pregnancy, there are also others that appear as the pregnancy progresses - giving space to the most maternal behaviors of the pet that awaits the arrival of its young.

Confirmation that your dog is pregnant

However, to confirm the condition of pregnancy in female dogs, however, it is necessary to go to a veterinary clinic or hospital and be able to count on the help of a professional. From the 25th day of pregnancy (more or less) it is already possible to see the puppy in the mother's belly and confirm the suspicions by means of an ultrasound image examination.

Through this test, the dog's pregnancy can now be 100% confirmed, allowing her guardian to start the process of monitoring the pet's pregnancy together with a veterinary professional - who will be able to answer what type of care should be taken in this case. phase and how to prepare for the arrival of the litter.

However, it is only after the 50th day of gestation that it becomes possible to count how many offspring will be part of the litter that is about to arrive, through the realization of another veterinary image examination - which, in this case, must be the digital x-ray.

It is worth remembering, once again, about the importance of taking your dog with suspected pregnancy to a veterinarian as soon as you notice any type of change; since there are specific precautions that must be taken with puppies in these conditions (such as offering higher quality food and preventing bathing just over a week before the birth of the litter), which can cause problems for the animal if not fulfilled.

Another good reason to consult a professional occurs when the origin of the male who fertilized the dog is not well known, because in these cases, there is a possibility that the dog's size influences and greatly hinders the bitch's delivery conditions - requiring a cesarean section, for example .

It is also important to emphasize that there are many situations in which a cesarean section may be necessary at the time of the birth of the litter and; therefore, it is essential that all bitches can count on the accompaniment of a veterinarian during pregnancy.

Symptoms that the bitch's delivery is approaching

Suspicions cleared and the bitch pregnancy, the time comes when the proximity to childbirth becomes great; causing another series of characteristic symptoms and behavioral changes quite evident in the animal - making it so that, if by chance the tutor has not yet taken the pet to a professional and there are still doubts as to whether it is pregnant, this will end.

Shortly before the arrival of the chicks (about two weeks), the bitches start to show very strong maternal signs, and the search for a more isolated and quiet place in the house - where they will form their nest to wait for the birth of the young - is one of the most obvious signs that childbirth is approaching.

The dog's rectal temperature (which can be measured by inserting a thermometer into the pet's anus) can also indicate the proximity of childbirth - since the temperature in the region tends to drop from the usual 39 ° C to around 37 °. Milk production and the expulsion of a whitish or yellowish mucosa from the puppy's vagina are also typical symptoms that childbirth is fast approaching.

Restless and agitated at that moment, the dog will look for the place she has already prepared as a nest in the previous weeks to welcome the puppies - lying on her side so that the contractions help her to expel the young. Leaving the dog at ease at this moment and, mainly, following the process, are fundamental actions for any pet owner - since, as previously mentioned, a series of complications can arise when least expected in a canine delivery - causing monitoring delivery and having the phone number of a good veterinarian in hand are absolutely necessary attitudes at this time.

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