Exciting romping toy for cats

If you have a tomboy at home that can't get enough of romping and playing, game ideas are required that challenge him. With these toys your cat can show what it's made of! Exciting toy to run around for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Joop Snijder Photography

1. A round toy that arouses curiosity

This cat toy promises a lot of fun because it appeals to the different senses of the tiger. It exudes the cat mint fragrance, which is extremely popular with cats, and is equipped with an integrated ball and a play mouse. If that doesn't invite you to romp ...

2. The Cat Dancer: A classic among hunting toys

The Cat Dancer is awesome for cats who love action. Made from cardboard rolls and a piano string, it may look a little unusual, but it is just the thing for house tigers and their hunting instinct!

3. This toy is fun for kittens alone

When the cat owners are washing the dishes or sitting in front of the TV, a toy is great that can be used by hunting enthusiastic cats. This game rod moves thanks to the integrated motor and is a wonderful recipe against boredom.

4. Simply the best way to run around: the game rod

Game fishing comes in a variety of designs and each of them is fun in its own way. This model is very simple and just right when a room tiger has his "wild five minutes"!

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