The salty dog cafe sweatshirt

The salty dog cafe sweatshirt is no longer just for those who are dog friendly. It is being worn by more and more parents to rse awareness of a very serious issue.

“That’s kind of the purpose, to start a conversation and then have a conversation with your kids.”

Salty Dog Cafe has a lot of friends. It’s the place where dog lovers gather.

“A big reason is because I have adopted, or fostered two dogs.”

And they can’t stay away.

“This is my favorite place. It is the place where I just come and sit and have my coffee, just watch the dog life, watch the people, watch all the dogs. It is a place where everyone knows your name, and no one can really judge you because everyone is friendly.”

Moms across the country have taken notice. A “sweatshirt of the week” has been started on Facebook, that shows up in the moms at the park and the mothers at the playgroup, and it’s a way for them to come together and learn.

“I have been doing this for about three months now, and I got one yesterday, and I am so excited about it. It is nice to have something to put on, when you get out in the heat.”

The sweatshirt was created by a volunteer at the West Valley Rescue and his idea is simple, to let mothers know they are not alone.

“We want to empower mothers,” and encourage them to “talk to your kids about where their food comes from, how it gets here.”

Salty Dog Cafe is here to help, by educating kids and mothers about a very serious issue. It’s a problem that takes place on a dly basis. It’s called puppy mills, and some day a mom’s dog may come home from a puppy mill and could be having serious health problems.

“When they come to the facility here we are very aware of it. We want to make sure that if anything were to happen that the rescue, or the facility, would be made aware and we would take the dog in and make sure he was treated the best we could,” says Mina.

And some day you could end up in the hands of a pet shop. These big stores, that keep the pets in metal cages on a concrete floor in a place where they are not well cared for. And their mothers, are not well cared for either.

“We want to be vigilant,” says Mina. “If you do need a service like that, our facility here is open to dogs. So, we are very open, and if a mother, or a person wants to drop in a dog and we can make sure that is taken care of.”

So make sure you pet shop is clean. So many times, when we shop for pet food and cat food, we use the term. And when we say pet food, we mean the best quality and the best food. But, when it comes to purchasing a mother dog and her puppy, you want to ensure you are helping them get out of this.

“We are also helping them get out of a bad situation and we want to make sure that they do have a good place. So if you need to do a rescue, or if you just need to give them a home here in the facility, we can take care of them for as long as they need us,” says Mina.

For more information about our facility, and to make a reservation, call 1-405-636-5800 or eml us at [email protected]

This is an open invitation for all pet owners. We take pets in every day, so it would be wonderful if you were to come by. We are here for the pets of our community. We are happy to help you out.

If your pet is lost, we can also help you find him or her. So, drop in and say hi to us. We will put your pet in foster care while you are looking for him or her.

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About Salty Dog Cafe

Salty Dog Cafe is a non-profit and licensed facility located in Stroudsburg, PA that is home to over 40 dogs from all over the country. Our mission is to help provide a safe haven for animals in need. Please visit our website at

One Response to How to Help Rescued Pets

So glad I read this! I have been trying to save a dog since he got his leg debrided today. He was brought to the vet by some friends today after walking around for about a week and he could not put weight on his leg. We had no idea there was this much damage. All we knew was that his leg was crooked.

There is a dog shelter on our corner in Stroudsburg that runs a “Lost and Found Pet Center” that people bring their pets too. If you are in the area, stop by and see if they can help. They have a couple cages and will accept a few at a time. We are about to adopt 4 but I wanted to get him out of there. They are in there a long time and are not all healthy or nice dogs. I’m sure you don’t want to see them! Also some people come down here in the winter and drop off their lost dog so they can warm up and not have to make the trip up there. Please help us get him out so we can help him.

Thanks for your comment, and good luck getting that dog out. We’re really glad that they were able to save the dog’s leg in Stroudsburg, but it’s sad to see that he was able to have severe damage in less than a week. If you have any more information about the shelter you mentioned, please let us know!

Help Homeless Pet Parents Learn To Love Their Pet Kids On A Dly Basis.

A Humane Society in Maryland, the nation’s largest and most effective private shelter, has partnered with a leading pet retler to offer “Pet Parenting.” The two-day course empowers pet parents to rse their children the “right way” and instills the importance of a good education system to ensure that children will lead responsible and successful lives.

The Pet Parenting course, hosted by the Frederick County Humane Society, will take place this fall at PetSmart, offering more than 300 pet parents in Maryland a structured, two-day class experience that helps them better understand their children and make their children’s needs and wishes a top priority. The class is being made avlable at no cost to pet parents, who are then responsible for their children’s care.

“The Pet Parenting class was developed by Maryland’s largest private, no-kill animal shelter. We believe pet parents in Maryland are best equipped to trn their own children. Our class will not only help our parents better educate their children, but also reinforce the importance of a good education system, which will help children to lead responsible and successful lives,” sd Terri Dessens, Director of Programs at the Frederick County Humane Society.

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